Wine Trade

First of all:
Vinovision is not a traditional wine trading company and neither operates its own shop nor a permanently accessible sales platform on the Internet. Also, there is no firmly established core assortment.

The joy for wine has top priority for me and this joy should also be felt by you. I am reluctant to compromise this attitude through economic constraints. Therefore, my wine sales are limited to specific time frames and designed to only meet with actual demand. Nevertheless, your individual buying experience and not-quite-everyday-wines at fair prices will certainly go hand in hand at Vinovision.

Wine Trade

It is my goal to bring hand-picked trouvaillas closer to a wine-loving audience. The wines from my birthplace Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine-growing region, are particularly close to my heart. For more than 10 years, friends from Switzerland and various other countries have been joining me on wine tours to my roots in Germany. They have always been excited about diversity, quality and value for money of Rheinhessen wines. Now you can finally experience this enthusiasm in Switzerland as well.

At regular intervals I invite talented German winegrowers to present their wines here in Switzerland. At exciting tasting events, you, esteemed wine lovers, can go on a voyage of discovery, exchange impressions directly with the winemakers and get to know your new favourite wines. Absolutely casual.

Keep an eye on the event calendar.

Orders can be placed within a previously communicated time frame for each event. The wines are then usually delivered about two to three weeks later.

Important: If you miss the time slot, you will unfortunately have to wait until the next event and the associated window of opportunity to place your order. Your advantage: Thanks to this efficient process, you can purchase all wines offered by Vinovision at very attractive prices.


Vinovision’s partner winegrowers are true characters who stand for sustainable viticulture as well as wines with strong personality and with whom I maintain close friendships.

The Göhring Winery has been an institution in Flörsheim-Dalsheim in Rheinhessen for many generations. My friendship with Arno Göhring, the current “man at the wheel”, goes back to our kindergarten days.

In the vineyard one follows the rhythm of nature: Winegrowing in harmony
with the environment has top priority. The diversity in wine styles is also impressive, with more than a dozen different grape varieties cultivated here. In addition to leading varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, Göhring also sets enormously high standards when it comes to Scheurebe and features exotic varieties such as Albalonga. Despite all this diversity, Arno never loses sight of the big picture in his cellar and produces an impressive range of exciting wines every year. From fruity, crunchy “estate wine”, to the structured yet light-footed “village wine” segment, to full-bodied rarities from single vineyards and noble sweet specialities – this selection holds something great for everyone.

Price list Weingut Göhring

For further inquiries regarding Weingut Göhring please contact me here.

Without any doubt, Michael Teschke is responsible for the fact, that Sylvaner has anchored itself as a high-quality variety in my wine horizon – already when I was still a very young connoisseur. Also without any doubt, my current commitment to Germany’s second great white wine variety can therefore be traced back to his formative influence.

The Rheinhessen winegrower from Laurenziberg, who is often described as “odd”, has dedicated himself primarily – but not exclusively – to two regional varieties whose reputations have been severely damaged by mismanagement in the past and whose public perceptions are still suffering badly today: Sylvaner and Portugieser. Considering his intense and complex wines, it is hard to maintain any criticism regarding these two “stepchildren”. Michael keeps up an almost personal relationship with his vines, manifesting in devoted, ecological cultivation of his vineyards. He also does it “his way” in the cellar. Long maceration periods and months of rest on the lees characterise the individual nature of his extremely long-lived wines, some of which he produces under the name “Naiv” in particularly natural variations.

Price list Weingut Teschke

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This traditional winery looks back on almost 400 years of history in Flörsheim-Dalsheim. Jochen Becker currently runs the estate and successfully combines the experience of 12 generations with a contemporary, sustainable wine-growing philosophy.

Good wine is made in the vineyard – this guideline is irrefutable and great importance is attached to selecting matching grape varieties for each individual vineyard. Keeping up a sustainable bond with nature is taken very serious and manifests in omitting herbicides and insecticides, as well as keeping up a rich diversity of green plants in the vineyards. In the cellar, Jochen focuses on “controlled inactivity” and uses modern technology only where it seems necessary to him.

White Burgundian varieties and structured red wines are the great strengths of this winery, although the excellent Rieslings should not go unmentioned. The Estate Wine segment offers uncomplicated drinking pleasure. Whereas in the Village Wine range, individual characteristics of grape varieties and soil are already clearly defined. The Single Vineyard collection stands for highest quality, multi-layered drinking pleasure and great aging potential.

Price list Weingut Müller-Dr.Becker

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